Interior design

Mariver designs spaces such as bedrooms, dressers, kitchens, offices, hairdressing salons, sports centres and hospitality venues

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From design to execution

Mariver fully designs both private and industrial interiors and is your partner from start to finish.

In collaboration with St’Orry’s Design & More, our permanent interior designer, we sketch a detailed design in which we make optimal use of the space and play with the incidence of light.

You decide whether or not we process glass elements in your building. Then our team will translate all your wishes into reality. In terms of private spaces, we are renovating, among other things:

We also create unique designs in the following stores:

As icing on the cake, we can personalise your interior with detail or furniture designs (e.g. parquet, laminate & marble). During the works, you can always contact us with your questions or comments.

We will take the time to answer these questions and provide you with targeted advice. Thanks to our many years of experience, your dream interior is within reach!

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